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Support the mission and ministries of New Room Parish across all five campuses by making a donation today. Your generosity enables us to continue spreading love, compassion, and hope in our diverse communities through worship, education, outreach, and fellowship initiatives.


Contribute to the vital work of New Room Parish from anywhere at any time by making a secure online donation. Your support helps us fulfill our mission of spreading love and compassion across all five campuses, impacting lives and communities for the better. Thank you for your generosity!


Join us in making a difference by becoming a volunteer at New Room Parish. Whether you're passionate about outreach, worship, education, or fellowship, there are numerous opportunities to get involved and serve our communities. Together, we can create positive change and spread God's love far and wide.


Your support is essential in furthering the mission of New Room Parish. Whether you choose to donate, volunteer, or spread the word about our work, every action makes a meaningful impact. Together, let's continue to serve as beacons of love, compassion, and hope in our communities.

Church Interior


At each of our five churches, we provide convenient online donation options. Choose your preferred church and contribute securely to support our ministries and community initiatives. Your donation makes a meaningful impact in spreading love and compassion within our local communities. Thank you for your generosity.


South Meriden



Farewell to Pastor Ric & Pastor Sun Joo Lee

Pastor Ric

As we say goodbye to Pastor Ric for his dedicated service at the New Room, let's unite to show our gratitude and best wishes with a meaningful farewell gift!

Pastor Sun Joo Lee

As we bid farewell to Pastor Sun for her time as Pastor at the New Room, let's come together to express our appreciation and best wishes with a heartfelt farewell gift!

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